~~December 20, 2013

'Daianna Plese of TASTEFULLY STAGED HOMES & RE-DESIGN was referred to us while we were preparing to sell our 20 year old home in Mississauga. After an initial consult, we were certain we had made the right choice to leave the preparation of the sale of our home in the hands of an extra set of eyes. Daianna worked around our schedule and made many useful and practical suggestions for us. Her requests to us were quite reasonable and quite practical. She worked with our experienced real estate agent, who was also impressed by her professional manner and efforts. Her decisions involved some dramatic changes and simple additions that made a huge difference in the appearance of our home. Our house was quite simply, transformed into a showpiece—to the point that we jokingly began to doubt our decision to leave. In the first full day of our house being on the market, we had 8 showings. By the second evening we had three competing offers and we signed an agreement that gave us over our asking price. It is our firm belief that the immediate interest that was shown by prospective buyers can be fully credited to the work that Daianna had done in our home. I would strongly recommend that you consider consulting Daianna if you are looking to have a stress free and fairly quick sale for your residence.'

Lory and Marty Blake, Caledon

~~July 10, 2014

'The help received from your company was outstanding. I do appreciate that it was a balancing act on your part of my contractors and your staging furniture delivery and set up. Despite all the last minute activity you pulled everything together for the day the house was being listed. I do feel that your recommendations were a strong factor in the house selling within in the first 48 hours. Especially valued was your simple idea of how to make the living room and dinning room brighter. Both rooms looked more inviting and sophisticated when the house was listed. Another appreciated hint was taking furniture from the front of the house and placing it in the backyard. This accompished both making the front more inviting and the lawn in the back larger by drawing the eye to the edge of the property.'

Daianna, I do thank you very much for all your help.

Gordon Sinclair, Mississauga

~~November  10, 2014

'Working with Tastefully Staged Homes & Re-Design was a pleasure. We opted for a partial staging for an unoccupied space and it turned out lovely. Daianna, flexible and efficient in her approach, creatively transformed an empty expanse into a series of blended and beautifully defined rooms. Her professional and easy going nature made it a trouble-free experience and successfully fused our visions for the space we cherished. Using her creative flare, she captured the essence of our home so that it presented itself in its best light. She was respectful and practical and we feel her recommendations made the space look fantastic.'

Justyne and Matthew, Caledon

~~September 25, 2014

'Hi Daianna, I was very pleased with your service, assistance and advice in setting the stage for a quick sale of my home. My home was picture perfect. Your service will definitely be recommended to friends and family.

Many thanks, Lorna, Mississauga'


Real Estate professionals have known all along that the decision to buy a home is an emotional decision. When prospective buyers feel an emotional bond and when the first impression is favorable, the buyers are much more likely to decide to buy.

A Staged home suggests that the home has been well cared for and will bring attention to its best architectural features. It will feature the hidden attributes rather than the minor imperfections.

TASTEFULLY STAGED HOMES & RE-DESIGN is skilled in being able to create a welcoming, neutral, universally appealing space that will attract your target audience.


Deciding to have your home Staged may be one of the most important considerations as you begin the process of selling your home. It may be tempting to sell “as is.” However, statistics show that Staged homes fare better in the marketplace than similar unstaged homes.

In considering all factors, Staging will give you an edge for securing your asking price. The cost of Staging is small when compared to the return it will bring and it’s always less than a price reduction.

Once the decision to sell has been made, every home seller strives to have the home sell quickly. A home that sits on the market over time loses appeal and costs money.

Staging is a proven marketing tool that will work for any home regardless of size, style, or location. TASTEFULLY STAGED HOMES & RE-DESIGN will help transform your home into a viable product giving you the best advantage for a quick sale at your asking price.

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