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'While your dream bath may be a sprawling space, the reality is that the typical bathroom is 100 square feet or less.

But, a large bathroom footprint isn't always the answer to a better bath.  Focusing on quality products can create a luxurious look, even in a small space'.

Free-up Floor and Counter Space

You may not be able to create more space, but there are many ways to create the illusion of more space.  Adding a pedestal sink or a furniture-style vanity with legs gives an increased line of sight, making the space appear larger.  Similarly, clutter takes up valuable space.  One way to free up extra room on the countertop is with a single-handle or wall-mount faucet.  Doors can also make a room feel constrained.  Rather than a traditional swing or hinged door, opt for pocket doors; which frees up approximately ten square feet of floor space.

Focus on Fabulous Fixtures

We all need storage in the bath, but don't limit yourself to the horizontal surfaces.  Make the most of your vertical space by adding bath accessories, as well.

Adding a hotel shelf, which combines a towel bar with a shelf, offers an excellent storage spot for towels.  A wall-mount hair dryer holder, a pivoting wall-mount makeup mirror, a curved shower rod and robe hooks are all excellent hotel-inspired accessory options.'

News Canada, The Brampton Guardian 01/29/2014

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