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tastefully staged Homes offers many services to improve the appearance and attractiveness of your home, whether for you, a buyer or renter. In addition to staging vacant and owner-occupied homes, also offered is home staging consultations, quick staging for photo shoots, and open house preparation. 

interior re-design

Interior redesign involves many of the same techniques as owner-occupied home staging, however it focuses on improving the home for the homeowner, rather than the buyer, to create  interesting, warm and elegant interiors. 

•   Assessment of existing furniture placement, lighting and accessories. Determining

    your STYLE. Are you Contemporary, Traditional or Eclectic?

•   Review of what changes need to be made. What existing furnishings will be eliminated or

    included in your future design.

•   Clutter elimination, organizing and storage.

•   Room makeovers using existing furniture and decorative accessories (for example artwork and

    decorative objects).

•   Shopping for furniture to supplement existing furniture.

•   Shopping for additional decorative accessories (for example bedding, throw pillows and towels)

•   Placing all of the furniture and accessorizing each room.


Option 1 - Homeowner's Furnishings:  The home will be Staged with what you already have in your home.  This option is for those who have an abundance of furniture and decorative accessories that can be used to present the home at its best.  The first step is for the Home Stager to do a Consultation and prepare a cost estimate for the actual staging.  The Home Stager will do the actual job of Staging by repositioning small pieces of furniture, hanging art and placing decorative accessories. 

Option 2:  TASTEFULLY STAGED HOMES's Furnishings & Accessories:  Your home will be Staged with your own furniture and Stager'sdecorative accessories, small and large furnishings. on a rental basis.  The home will be enhanced with artwork, bedding, lighting, and area rugs. Additional Rental furniture can be arranged if required.

Fee includes styling and de-staging the property at the end of the sale.

Vacant Home/Condo Staging services includes initial visit to view property, staging services  includes rental of TASTEFULLY STAGED HOMES’ accessories and rental of furniture. Price based on size of Home/Condo, rental furniture & décor accessories needed.

homestaging CONSULTATIONs

TheStager will look over the interior and exterior of the property and discuss traffic flow, condition, use of space, furniture and presence of clutter. A detailed prioritized written list of important items to be repaired, updated, and completed by the homeowner, on a room-to-room basis will be provided. Based upon the homeowner’s budget, timeline and comfort level in completing the recommendations, TASTEFULLY STAGED HOMES can be hired to do as much or as little as the client requires.

This option may be selected as a Consultation only or as the first step in Staging by TASTEFULLY STAGED HOMES . Fee starts at $240 + HST.